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Investment opportunities generator

We generate direct quality deals and transactions in LatAm by identifying, screening, developing and adding value to small and medium-scale projects in important sectors.

Zyta Ventures operates as a powerful business development, deal sourcing, and mature opportunities investment platform.

Direct and quality deal flow in Latam

Direct and quality deal flow in LatAm

We use our unique and rigorous due diligence processes to select the best opportunities for our ecosystem.

Our investment strategy covers the whole of Latin America with a specific focus on major promising countries in the region such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico.


With  the help  of our local networks, we  capture and develop opportunities that meet investor requirements, sourcing deals and strategic partners in: energy, natural resources and cleantech industries.

Within the following sub-sectors, we can support you in finding the right investment opportunities in the region:

  • Navigate the mining and minerals sector: gain a competitive edge in the mining and minerals industry with our strategic position. We provide valuable insights on project development, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency, driving sustainable growth and environmental responsibility while understanding the nuances of the LatAm mining landscape.
  • Excel in the oil and gas industry: stay ahead in the dynamic oil and gas sector. Our guidance covers exploration, production, refining, and distribution, helping our co-investors navigate market fluctuations, optimize operations, and embrace sustainable practices, particularly within the context of the LatAm market.
  • Embrace the renewable energy revolution: seize opportunities in the renewable energy market. We guide project development, financing, policy compliance, and market analysis, positioning you as a leader in clean energy solutions, including the emerging opportunities in the LatAm region.
  • Fuel cleantech innovation and startups: support the growth of cleantech startups with our expertise. We offer strategic guidance on technology adoption, market-entry, funding opportunities, and sustainable business practices, propelling your success in the fast-evolving cleantech landscape, with a particular focus on expanding into the LatAm market.


Fueling innovation and growth. Secure the Capital You Need for Success.

Access the funding that propels your Latam energy, natural resources, or cleantech venture to new heights. Tap into our extensive network of investors and benefit from our expertise in navigating complex funding options. Craft compelling proposals that captivate investors and set your business apart from the competition. From seed to growth capital, we guide you through the financial landscape, ensuring sound financial management practices for sustainable growth.

Why Choose Us for LatAm startups and SMEs?

  • Extensive investors network: our established connections with investors specialized in the industries and with the appetite of the LatAm region give you a competitive edge in accessing capital that specifically targets your market.
  • Expert guidance:  benefit from our in-depth knowledge of funding options, including venture, private equity, and impact investors. We understand the unique financial landscape of LatAm and can provide tailored advice to optimize your funding strategy.
  • Sound financial management: beyond securing capital, we offer expertise in financial management practices. We help you develop solid financial plans, optimize cash flow, and establish metrics for financial success.
  • Industry experience: with a deep understanding of the energy, natural resources, and cleantech sectors in LatAm, we bring industry-specific insights to your funding and financial management strategies.

Unleash the full potential of your LatAm startup or SME with our funding and financial expertise. Drive innovation, expand operations, and achieve profitability with the right capital backing.

Contact us today to secure the funding you seek for sustainable growth and success in the energy, natural resources, and cleantech industries.

Advisory & Consulting

Empowering startups and SMEs in Europe, Canada, and Latin America for Success in the Energy, Natural Resources, and Cleantech Industries.


At Zyta´s complementary advisory and consulting services, we specialize in empowering startups and SMEs in Europe, Canada, and Latin America to thrive in the energy, natural resources, and cleantech industries. Our tailored advisory and consulting solutions provide the expertise and support needed to drive your business forward.

We offer comprehensive services across key areas, ensuring a holistic approach to your growth and development:

Business development and growth strategies

    • Unlocking opportunities in Latin America for sustainable growth: with expertise in market research, business development, and international growth strategies, we enable startups and SMEs from Canada and Europe to seize opportunities in the dynamic Latin American market and beyond. Our strategic guidance helps unlock new growth avenues, expand operations, and drive profitability.
    • Strategic partnerships and collaborations: unleashing synergies for mutual success. We understand the power of strategic partnerships and collaborations. By bridging the gap between European startups/SMEs, Canadian businesses, and Latin American companies or organizations, we create opportunities for technology transfer, market expansion, and joint ventures. Together, we maximize growth potential and foster mutually beneficial alliances that drive innovation and market reach.
    • European market entry: conquering new frontiers with confidence. If you aspire to contribute to the european startup and SME ecosystem, our advisory and consulting services are tailored to your needs. Through in-depth market research, we identify untapped opportunities and develop market entry strategies. Our cultural insights ensure successful market penetration, establishing a strong presence in the european market.

Digital transformation and technology adoption

  • Drive digital innovation and leverage cutting-edge technologies: Zyta advisory and consulting services is your partner in harnessing the power of digital innovation, AI, and IoT. We bring together the expertise of Europe and Canada to empower startups and SMEs in Latin America, unlocking new opportunities in the energy, natural resources, and cleantech sectors.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with AI and IoT solutions: embrace the transformative capabilities of AI and IoT from Europe and Germany to optimize your operations, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge. Our tailored solutions help you harness the potential of these technologies, enabling data-driven decision-making and delivering actionable insights for sustainable growth.
  • Tap into the digital innovation ecosystems of Europe and Canada: as leaders in digital innovation, Europe and Canada offer thriving ecosystems that foster technological advancements. Partnering with Zyta Advisory and Consulting Services connects you to this ecosystem, providing access to cutting-edge technologies, research collaborations, and funding opportunities.

ESG and cleantech for startups and SMEs in Europe, Canada, and Latin America

  • ESG strategies and sustainable business practices: specializing in advising startups and SMEs in Europe, Canada, and Latin America on ESG strategies and sustainable business practices, we help you harness the power of sustainability for both environmental and financial performance. Our guidance ensures the development and implementation of effective ESG strategies aligned with your values, regulatory requirements, and long-term business success as you navigate unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Thought leadership and valuable insights for sustainable business success: startups and SMEs in Europe, Canada, and Latin America can embrace the guidance of our thought leaders and subject matter experts, who provide valuable insights to drive your business forward. Stay at the forefront of industry trends, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges with confidence. Tap into the expertise that will inspire and empower your business practices to thrive.

We work closely with our clients to analyze market trends, identify growth opportunities, secure funding from various sources, and implement effective financial management practices.

Additionally, our cross-cultural knowledge and network facilitate connections and partnerships across different regions, enhancing business prospects.

Our mission at Zyta advisory and consulting services is to empower startups and SMEs in the energy, natural resources, and cleantech industries, enabling them to thrive in competitive markets.

Contact us today to discover how our advisory and consulting services, coupled with our ability to bridge countries and regions, can propel your business toward sustainable growth and international success.

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